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Tokyo Olympics initiative in 2020 (2020 NenTokyo Olympic initiative) is a concept that bid in Tokyo the 16th Paralympic Games and the 2020 Summer Olympics. The host city is determined by the first-order 125 IOC Session to be held in Buenos Aires on September 7, 2013. 

Schedule of future

September 7 - the final presentation of each candidate cities is carried out in the first 125 next IOC Session to be held in Buenos Aires, the host city is determined around 5:30 am on the 8th (Japan time) by a vote of the IOC then. 

Harumi district of planning athletes village is installed 
Tokyo International Forum of the plan, the venue of Weightlifting 
Tokyo Big Sight of the plan, the venue, such as wrestling and Media Center 
Budokan plan, the venue of judo 

Harumi district of Chuo, which has been a main stadium planned construction site at the time of the 2016. It has become the athletes' village planned site. 
Tokyo bid committee announced a summary of the detailed planning held in January 8, 2013 the "candidacy file". 

Official name: The 32nd Olympic Games 
English name: The Games of the XXXII Olympiad 
Holding period: 09 July 24, 2020 (Friday) to August (day) 
Official name: The 16th Paralympic Games 
English name: Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games 
Held period: June August 25, 2020 (Tuesday) to September (day) 

The grab Discover Tomorrow future (tomorrow) 
I show the significance of the Olympic Games in mature urban 
By will be held in the mature city 2012 London Games Similarly, refers to any benefit that comes from a stable society and infrastructure that has been established 
I regain national unity was born in Tokyo Conference in 1964, pride, confidence 
Held a Safety Conference and careful planning of high quality 
Held plan to brush up on food lessons in (Tokyo Olympics initiative 2016) 2016 tournament bid activity 
Implementation of the convention smooth operation by accommodation and extensive transportation system and transportation network excellent 
Implementation of safety management by tournament security plan and excellent good security 
Exact tournament management capacity that is based on experience of holding international competitions massive 
Celebration dynamic is carried out in the center of the metropolitan Tokyo 
Place venue Compact arranged venues of 85% within 8km radius with a focus on the athletes village 
Enliven more competition by performing the majority of competition at the center of the metropolitan Tokyo 
Will be held in various parts of the festival site and live cultural events and also in addition to the competition 
Opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the National stadium rebuilding plan to the 80,000-seat stadium has been promoted already 
Time and date 
20:00 to 23:00 July 24, 2020, the opening ceremony is carried out in the 21 o'clock to 24 o'clock August 9 the same year Closing Ceremony 
The theme of "Discover Tomorrow", to perform a rendition of the traditional culture of Japan with the latest technology 
Disaster Relief 
As part of the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, you are planning to disaster relief measures 32 in the preparation period and the holding of the Olympic and Paralympic the plan of Tokyo. This plan was developed in the reconstruction expert committee and Tokyo governor of the three northeastern Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture that participates as a member of the Tokyo Bid Committee was held jointly. The main support measures are as follows. 
Use Miyagi Stadium as one of the qualifying soccer venue 
Relay the Sanriku coast residents of affected areas to participate in the torch relay
In order to center the companies affected areas to repair and construction of sports facilities 
Provides around the Tohoku region as a pre-training camp in the area of national tournament before 
Teenagers in the affected areas is actively participating in cultural events and ceremonies of the tournament 
Will be held in Tokyo around the event to introduce the Northeast during convention 
Competition venues 
Competition venue Capacity 
The Paralympic facilities planning in () 
Olympic Paralympics 
National Kasumigaoka athletics stadium, opening ceremony 
・ Closing Ceremony 
・ Land 
Football (final) 
Marathon (departure point) Opening Ceremony 
・ Closing Ceremony 
Onshore 80000 people plan 
12000 people Yoyogi National Stadium, Handball wheelchair rugby (12000 people) existing 
8,000 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Table Tennis, Table Tennis (8000 people) existing 
11000 people Nippon Budokan, judo, judo (11,000) renovation 
5,000 existing Tokyo International Forum Weightlifting 
1,000 temporary Kokyogaien bicycle (road race) starting point 
10000 people existing Ryogoku Kokugikan Boxing 
15,000 Ariake Arena Volleyball Sitting Volleyball (15,000) new 
Ariake BMX bicycle course (BMX) 5000 people temporary 
(Track) 5,000 Ariake Berodoromu bicycle (track) or bicycle (5,000) Temporary 
12000 people Ariake Gymnastics Stadium, gymnastics Gaulle ball (5,000) Temporary 
Ariaketenisunomori Tennis Wheelchair Tennis A: 10000 people (10000 people) 
B: 5000 people (3000 people) 
C: 3000 people (2500 people) 
D: 2500 people renovation 
Odaiba Seaside Park Triathlon 
・ Swimming (marathon) or bicycle (load) 
・ 10000 people Para Triathlon (10000 people) temporary 
12000 people temporary sea breeze park, beach volleyball 
10000 people Tokyo Big Sight Hall A ・ Wrestling powerlifting (5,000) existing 
Tokyo Big Sight Hall B ・ fencing 
Tae Kwon Do - Boccia 
8,000 (5,000) existing 
Seven-a-side football with cerebral palsy who: Oi Field hockey Hockey ・ A surface
・ B surface: five-a-side football A visually impaired: 10000 people (10000 people) 
B: 5000 people (4,000) new 
Forest Cross Country Course Equestrian of the sea (cross-country) 0 temporary 
Forest Water stadium canoe sea (Sprint) 
Boat Parakanu 
・ 14,000 boat (14,000) new 
Forest mountain bike trails, bike sea (mountain bike) 2,000 temporary 
2,000 Wakasu Olympic Marina Sailing Sailing (2,000) new 
1,000 existing Kasumigaseki Country Club Golf 
Kasai Seaside Park Canoe (Slalom) 12,000 new 
Dream Island Plaza Youth Arena A ・ Badminton Wheelchair Basketball 
・ 7,000 wheelchair fencing (7,000) new 
(Final) 18,000 Dream Island Plaza Youth Arena B ・ Basketball wheelchair basketball (18,000) new 
7,000 Dream Island Park Archery Archery (7,000) new 
14000 people (Dressage / Show Jumping) Equestrian Dream Island Stadium, Equestrian (14000 people) existing 
Aquatics Center swimming (swimming / Hikomi / Synchro) swimming (swimming) 20000 people (20000 people) new 
(Water polo) 6,500 temporary Water Polo Arena swimming 
1,000 temporary (road race) goal point Musashinonomorikouen bicycle 
Pentathlon forest comprehensive sports facilities and modernization of Musashino (fencing / swimming) 8,000 plan 
Ground Self-Defense Force Asaka training courses and shooting, clay shooting: 4,600 
Rifle: 3,000 (3,000) Temporary 
Tokyo Stadium Football (Qualifying) 
・ (Shooting / Running / Equestrian) 50000 people existing Modern Pentathlon 
Sapporo Dome soccer (Qualifying) 41000 people existing 
Miyagi Stadium football (Qualifying) 50000 people existing 
(Qualifying) 64000 people existing Saitama Stadium 2002 soccer 
Yokohama International Stadium football (Qualifying) 72000 people existing 
Related facility 
Harumi Pier - Athletes' Village 
Tokyo Big Sight - Main Press Center (MPC) ・ International Broadcasting Center (IBC) 
Imperial Hotel - IOC headquarters 
The estimate about 300 billion yen, tournament operating budget to cover televised fees and dividends, ticket revenue, or income of the sponsor from IOC. In addition, Tokyo has set aside a reserve of about 400 billion yen already, I have also attached financial guarantee by the Government if the deficit has occurred in the tournament operations temporarily. 
The goal of "be a packed venue for all events", it was set relatively low price in the candidacy file ticket fee. In 7700 yen average sales price set to \ 4400 for about 60%. Is set to 20,000 yen to 150,000 yen also the most expensive opening ceremony, it is an inexpensive set even compared to the most recent Olympic Games. Also, you are planning the introduction of 16 years of "child fee". 
Accommodation, which is also the strengths of the plan of Tokyo about 87 000 rooms in 10km radius distance from the athletes' village, rooms of about 140,000 rooms already exists in the 50km distance, is cleared significantly standards required by the IOC. 
Described in "safety, efficiency, convenience, on-time flight of the world highest level" in candidacy file. Shows and a, 760 stations total length 1052km, to be able to go to the station at 1.2km from any point and if the inner city. 
For efficiency, can be operated 24 hours a mainline and Toei Oedo lines also defines the competition period. 
In addition to other, showed a solid transportation system, such as metropolitan bus running a Tokyo taxi or about 52,000 units that are operated 24 hours, renovation of Kachidoki Station of the Toei Oedo Line which is the nearest station of the Athletes' Village are also defined. 
Was also presented that defines the renovation of capital plays an important role as a highway road network, the provision of Olympic officials to "lanes". 
Changes from the 2016 bid plan 
Change the renovation of the National Kasumigaoka athletic field from Tokyo Olympic Stadium is the main stadium, was the new plan to Harumi pier. The restructuring to 80,000 scale, and completed in accordance with the Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan in 2019. 
Change the Harumi district athletes village that has been pointed out the narrowness in the previous bid plan, increasing the area more. 
The aggregate bicycle Volleyball Gymnastics in Ariake district was the athletes' village planned site in the previous bid plan. 
Swimming competition venue that has been pointed out that had been referred to as existing new bid in the previous plan, which established the water polo venue and swimming venue Tatsuminomorikaihinkouen located on land adjacent to the Tokyo Tatsumikokusaisuieijo existing. 
Change in held in the forest comprehensive sports facilities Musashino scheduled for completion in the adjacent area and Tokyo Stadium, the modern pentathlon was scheduled to perform around the Ohi Racecourse.